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Importance of article submission to SEO

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This post basically discusses the daily struggles of business owners trying to improve their business online and drills down to the need and importance of search engine optimization and how it plays a leading role in taking businesses to the next level, increase leads and revenues. This post will also explain briefly how SEO can be achieved through on-page and off-page optimization and even provide links to an article submission site where you can easily and intuitively submit your guest posts to.

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It’s mostly true that you have been striving to grow your business and there is a point in time when you are struggling to make decisions to take your business to the next level. Growing your business is a never-ending process where you embrace successes and failures, but more importantly, you learn from your failures and never repeat them or re-evaluate your course of action to right your wrongs to achieve different results. It’s always right that, if you have a business online, that you should market your business the right way to gain the most out of it, get more leads and increase your revenue. One of the main online marketing fields that you might have heard of – or already knowledgeable about – is search engine optimization SEO.

Search Engine Optimization

You spent a lot of time and budget out of your marketing plan to hire a great team of web developers to build your site, then spent more money to host your website over the internet and you spent more time wondering why your website is not getting traffic or leads. At this step, you should think about the potential reasons around why your site is not seen online, because it’s always simple, your site is not getting traffic because nobody online sees it and it’s not quite hard to let users online or potential customers to see your site and take actions on your site that turns into leads.

First, think how do users find websites online that match their needs? What are they looking for? And why? The basic answer to all these questions is search engines. They basically type in keywords in a search engine to find search results that match what they are looking for in these keywords. This is where search engine optimization (SEO) comes into play. SEO is basically optimizing or changing your site pages to be found by those keywords being searched online.

SEO is basically divided into two processes. On-Page Optimization and Off-Page optimization. The first means changes that you can do yourself to your pages content and linking structure to improve your site performance to search engines. The latter involves changes that you can do outside of your site to let the search engines know more about your site and find your site through links (or backlinks) from other sites.

On-Page Optimization

This process basically involves the structure of the content and internal links of every web page on your site. It ranges from content structured using HTML headings, images, outbound links to other sites, content consistency, site navigation linking structure and site speed.

Considering that on-page optimization is a relatively easy process to achieve better results compared to off-page optimization, this post will not go deep with this topic. However, if you’d need to know more details about this topic we encourage you to SEO On-Page optimizations on

Off-Page Optimization

As mentioned earlier, this process involves backlinking to your site from other sites where search engines consider every link to your site as a vote that your page/site matches the linked topic. Off-page optimization involves building a trust relationship between your site and the other target sites that you wish to get links from. This relationship could be established by providing your target sites benefits that encourage them to link to you. One of the main and actually the easiest benefits is guest posting. Guest posting is generally writing content on other sites that is definitely useful to their readers and let search engine discover broader and unique topics on their site.

Guest posting is also useful to the publisher party since it must include external links that let readers find more information and provide extra steps to achieve motivated goals. The downside to guest blogging is that it’s a tedious process starting from finding the catalyst topic that motivate the target sites to accept your proposal to write for them and ending with writing a killer content and including useful links to take further actions and read more not mentioning the budget that you’d spend in most cases when your guest posts are sponsored and promotional to your business online.

The goal of this post is to make this step easier for readers and even reduce the budget for sponsored guest posts as much as possible. The key to this step is article submission.

Article Submission

Article submission is the last and most difficult step in guest posting. Yet before reading this post. Assuming that you have spent the time writing a great article and your content draft is ready to be posted on other sites, we recommend that you start posting your draft to one of the best article submission sites. SiteReq provides a way too easy process and intuitive writing tools to let guests posting the easiest step in your SEO strategy like never before. You simply go through the following steps:

Write your draft on the website. The website generates recommendations for you to improve your content like Content structure through headings. Including descriptive images. Content word count. And much more. SiteReq support will review your post within 1-2 business days max. Your post becomes live and ready for readers to read.

Yes, the process is as easy as described above. Yet there are even more ways to improve your site SEO through this site like directory listing where you can just add your site to a great list of other businesses’ directory where clients will find you, reach your site and contact you to start a business.


Improving your business requires time and budget. It’s your mission not to miss out on those opportunities out there online to achieve the best results with your marketing strategy and with the least resources consumed. SEO is tedious and needs patience but in the end, it’s rewarding and will boost your business to a place where you will crush your competitors online and lead the market.

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